(這種時候我覺得No Doubt真是個奇蹟,他們的情形應該跟Paramore有像到!)





Over the past 6 years, our band has been through some of the most intense and incredible experiences of our lives. None of these things have been without trial. We've worked so hard to get to where we are and the fact that you are all still here with us says something about you that we will never be able to truly understand. You have stuck with us through thick and thin and we are so grateful. A couple of months ago, Josh and Zac let us know they would be leaving the band after our show in Orlando last Sunday. None of us were really shocked. For the last year it hasn't seemed as if they wanted to be around anymore. We want Josh and Zac to do something that makes them happy and if that isn't here with us, then we support them finding happiness elsewhere. But we never for a second thought about leaving any of this behind. We really hope that you can be encouraged by the fact that the three of us who are still here are ready to take on another chapter of our journey together. You have always been what keeps us going so why would we stop now? We want to stick by you. Knowing that we have a unified passion and a clear vision makes us feel stronger than ever.

The "blog" that was posted regarding everything that is going on with our band was a fake. We aren't sure who did it or why... And we aren't sure how they timed it this way. This is the first time that we have spoken out about what's going on and we wouldn't have released an official statement that important through a personal blog. So, we're sorry for any confusion and just to remain clear, this is the first time we have spoken out about this.

We have some amazing things lined up for next year starting with our tour in South America. We are still coming to you and we are excited about who we are bringing with us! The tour is still on and we can't wait to see you all.

As we look back, and now as we look with excitement to the future, in all of this what truly matters are the good times. The pictures of us with our arms around each other, the long van rides, your faces while you sing along as we play. Thank you for getting us right here to this very moment. We look forward to our best times. And we hope you will go there with us.

Hayley, Jeremy & Taylor

Josh的聲明(原文出處:http://joshnfarro.blogspot.com/2010/12/josh-and-zacs-exit-statement.html ):

Hey guys,

Let me start by apologizing to you for the way everything went down on Saturday. I had a statement typed ready to post to you guys but Hayley released one without my permission. We were not going to issue a statement until we worked out our exit agreement with Hayley. I wish it didn’t have to happen that way, Zac and I wanted to be the ones you heard it from. I want to be honest with you guys about how this band formulated from day one. I did not think Hayley’s version told the whole story, at least from our perspective and hopefully this will explain a bit about why we are leaving.

Zac and I had a garage band in high school with the intentions of just making music for the love of it. We met Taylor and our friend Jason Clark at our school and found out that we shared the same musical tastes. So, we asked them to join our band. It was some of the greatest times of our lives playing music in Taylor’s basement with them. We obviously needed a lead singer and one day Zac met Hayley. We asked her to come try out and eventually to join the band.

Months down the road things changed and this band became all about Hayley. She had a manager at the time that controlled her every move along with her parents. They didn’t like the idea of Hayley being in a rock band so they forced her to leave wanting her to pursue a solo career.

Hayley went off to write and record her solo demos while the four of us continued on without her. A couple of months later Hayley came and asked us if she could use the song “Conspiracy” that we had all previously written together. We agreed that that would be fine. I got a call a while after that from Hayley telling me that her manager said that Zac and I were invited to be back in the band (the band we started), but not Taylor and Jason because they weren’t good enough in his eyes. Hayley brought in Jeremy and our first rhythm guitarist Jason Bynum as the other two members.

We travelled to LA a few weeks later for a showcase and it was a nightmare. Hayley’s manager would tell the band to be in the lobby of the hotel at a certain time, but he and Hayley wouldn’t show for hours. We found out that they had been meeting with record label executives all morning without us, which is totally weird given that this wasn’t simply a solo artist, but we were a band. The band was in the dark the whole time. After many meetings between Hayley, her manager and the labels they decided to sign her to Atlantic records. We didn’t understand why Hayley was the only one signing the contract since we were told this was a “band”, but we were too young to grasp all of this. So far, Zac and I haven’t signed with another label, although I guess our part of Paramore sure could. Next thing we knew we were having a signing party for Hayley.

Our next move was to rerecord her solo demos with our own music rather than studio musicians to make it sound more genuine. Meanwhile, we tossed around band names. I wrote out a list of names, including “Paramore”, a name my old band with Taylor and Jason Clark had thought about using. Obviously, we settled on that name. The label received the rerecorded demos and once again tried to fire the entire band, saying we were terrible. Thankfully Hayley and I had been writing some new songs together (Hallelujah, Here We Go Again) that the label was pleased with so that acted as leverage for the band to stay. The label and management then decided to build our band up the grass-roots route. They put Hayley on Fueled by Ramen not making it known she was signed to Atlantic as well. All the while we still questioned whether or not we were an actual band, but Hayley continued to insist we were, despite our being ignored and pushed around by the label.

They then sent us all to Orlando to rehearse and write eight hours a day for our first record. Half -way though this process, Jeremy decided to quit. We were all really upset about it. So we finished the record, replaced Jeremy, and hit the road with Hayley’s father as our tour manager/driver of a twelve-passenger van. Her dad would constantly threaten to “pull the plug” on the whole band if we complained about anything, suggesting that we were hired guns and Hayley was the real artist, when in reality we were also part of the band. We’ve always been treated as less important than Hayley. It’s been obvious how her family views things.

Jeremy ended up rejoining and we toured non-stop for two and half years building our fan base, pretending to be a band that started naturally. In reality, what started as natural somehow morphed into a manufactured product of a major label, riding on the coattails of “Hayley’s dream.”

Before recording our next record, we kicked out Jeremy for his lack of work ethic and participation in things that Zac, Hayley and I didn’t agree with. At this point it was just the three of us to record Riot. Once the record was done, we needed a bassist and another guitarist. Eventually Zac and I convinced Hayley to let Taylor rejoin and she convinced us to let Jeremy back in, promising he had changed his ways.
Once again we hit the road and toured on our biggest record as a band. As you all know Hayley and I dated and broke up during this album cycle. Things then started going downhill for our band. Hayley and Jeremy’s views started changing from what we all once believed in. The band almost split after cancelling a tour in Europe, but we managed to keep it together somehow. This is when Zac and I started to consider quitting the band.

Once we finished touring on Riot, we came home for a break and started writing for Brand New Eyes. Hayley presented lyrics to us that were really negative and we didn’t agree with. For example, “the truth never set me free”, which contradicts what the Bible says in John 8:32 (“and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall sat you free”). We fought her about how her lyrics misrepresented our band and what we stood for, but in the end she got her way. Instead of fighting her any longer, we decided to just roll over and let it go.

Hayley claimed that this record reunited us as band and made us grow closer together, when in reality we were all growing further apart. Suddenly the band had spilt into two sides. Touring became more difficult since we couldn’t agree on anything. The friendships our band once had were no longer existent. Amos 3:3 says, “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction”. In addition to the band turmoil, touring had really taken its toll on us both. We left home at such a young age and missed taking part in normal teenage years. When you own part of a band and are constantly playing, you make sacrifices. Touring has taken its toll on our family members as well. I specifically remember many moments where our parents would break down in tears when we had to leave. It broke my heart. Seeing our siblings grow up so much during our absences was never easy either.

After a lot a prayer and counsel Zac and I came to the decision that it was time to leave the band. We truly feel that God is leading us elsewhere and is going to do great things with us. The intention of this statement was not to belittle or disgrace the rest of the band, it was simply to clarify our decision for leaving and our desire to finally tell you guys the truth. We are still hoping to work out a friendly way to leave our part of Paramore intact with the remaining band members, including Hayley.

We want to thank you guys for all of your love and support over the past 7 years. It’s been an honor creating and playing music for you. If music is what God calls us to in the future, we hope that you all will be a part of it.

All of the glory be to God,

Josh and Zac


我不希望事情以這樣的方式發展,扎克和我想成為你們聽說的那種人。 我想告訴你們實話有關這個樂隊是怎樣成立的。 我並不認為Hayley把所有的故事都告訴了你們,至少我們明察事理可以解釋離開的原因。
當我們還在高中的時候因為對音樂共同的熱愛一起組了樂隊。 然後遇到了Taylor和Jason Clark一拍即合。 因此我們邀請他們加入。 在Taylor的basement和他們一起玩音樂真的是最開心的時候。 當扎克遇到Hayley的時候我們明顯感覺樂隊需要一個主唱,因此讓她加入了團隊中。
幾個月下來有些事情就變化了,這個樂隊就all about Hayley了。 她那時候有個經紀人和她父母一起控制著她的行動,他們不希望Hayley呆在一個搖滾樂隊裡因此強迫他離開並且想讓她單獨發展。Hayley走後就去寫歌並且錄了幾首Demo。 幾個月後Hayley過來問我們她是否可以用之前一起寫的那首Conspiracy去錄歌。 我們同意了。 之後我接到一個電話是黑裡的經紀人叫我和扎克一起重新和Hayley一起回到樂隊,但是成員中沒有Taylor和Jason因為在經紀人看來他們還不夠優秀。 Hayley把Jeremy和Jason Bynum(我們的第一個節奏吉他手)帶進來作為另兩位成員。

我們為了一場showcase一起去LA幾個星期那簡直就是噩夢。 Hayley的經紀人告訴樂隊在指定的時間去hotel大堂,但是他和Hayley幾個小時都沒現身。 我們發現他們其實整個早上都在和唱片公司的巨頭呆在一起,這不是一個簡單的solo藝人,但我們是個樂隊。 樂隊那時候一直處於黑暗之中。 在和Hayley的很多次見面之後,她經紀人和唱片公司打算簽她到Atlantic唱片。 我們不明白自從我們被告知這是個“樂隊”為什麼Hayley是一個人簽了約,但是我們那時太年輕了根本無法去掌握這些事情。 扎克和我就沒有簽另一個唱片公司。 接下來的事情就是一個給Hayley的簽約派對。
後來我們就起了樂隊名,決定使用PARAMORE,唱片公司收到DEMO一度想要炒了整個樂隊,說我們太爛了。 還好Hayley和我還寫了一點歌曲(哈雷路亞here we go again)公司對這幾首很滿意因此我們可以留下。 公司和管理層想讓我們走grass-root路線。 他們把Hayley放到FBR不讓人知道她也簽了Atlantic。 我們一直在尋味為什麼我們不能成為一個真正的樂隊,但是Hayley堅持說我們是,除開被公司的忽視和逼迫。然後他們把我們帶去奧蘭多每天8小時給我們的第一張專輯寫歌。 寫到一半的時候,Jeremy打算退出。 我們都很不安。 因此我們完成了專輯歌曲,找人替代了J,讓Hayley的父親當12人的小車司機。 她父親一直在威脅如果我們抱怨任何事情就pull the plug說什麼H才是真正的歌手叫我們低調點。 這就是她家人看事情的態度。
J又加入了我們之後又進行了2年半的巡演,假裝是個樂隊。 其實這一切只是建立在Hayley's dream之上

錄製下一張專輯前,因為J不努力工作他們打算把他剔除 但是Hayley說服他們不要這麼做J會改變他做事方法的。
後來我和Hayley約會之後又分手,樂隊就開始走下坡路。 Hayley和J的想法開始和我們曾經堅持的東西有所區別。 這就是我和扎克決定離開樂隊的時刻。
結束了RIOT巡演後,我們回家休息了一陣子寫BNE的歌,H寫的歌詞很negative我們並不認同這樣的歌詞。 比如the truth never set me free聖經在John 8:32說道blah blah。 她的歌詞歪曲了我們樂隊的意義,但是最後她還是為所欲為了,與其和她抗爭我們決定避開隨她去。

Jeremy聲稱這張專輯把樂隊重組並且讓我們之間的關係更近一步,事實上我們的距離越來越遠了。 突然間樂隊就變成了兩個部分。 自從我們無法達成共識,巡演就變得更困難。 友情早已不存在。 除了樂隊的動盪外,巡演花去了我們太多的時。 我們如此年輕地離開了家鄉,失去了應有的青少年時代。 當你是樂隊的一部分你就得不停地表演,你得犧牲。 巡演也花去了我們和家人共處的時光,記得最清楚的就是很多次父母都哭著看我們離開。 這也讓我心碎。 看著兄弟姐妹在我們離開的這段時間變化了這麼多,
在許多禱告和忠告後,扎克和我認為是時候離開樂隊了。 上帝帶領我們去做更好的事情。 我們只是想澄清事實。 我們希望能與PM剩下的團員達成共識然後離開。
謝謝你們7年的支持。 很榮幸為你們創作歌曲為你們演奏。 如果音樂是上帝未來的指示,希望你們也是其中一員。
Josh and Zac


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