dear angel:

for a long time,i've never written any letter to you.

cause it's hard for me to find any link to anything about u.

all i can see is always a draem.

a dream never will be true.

it might sound very childish amd foolish.

however,i still wrote these words down.

i wondered this "might" be the last letter for u.

all of this has made me feel tired.

i have gotta start a brandnew life.

you also have your life to get through.

a heaven's life i never and dare not dream of.

in dreams

u talk to me

in real

u are so far away.

i don't know how all of this started,but i know i have to stop that.

dream is so beautiful,but reality is really cruel.

accepting that makes life much more easy.

good bye,dear dear...angel.

(hope a temp. bye.)



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