dear angel:

today i try to explain why i call you angel.

honestly speaking,i am not sure is it right you are really an angel.

but in my eyes,because of your kindness and matureness,i've decided you're really an angel.

angel has a stable and warm freshes your ears.

angel has a shiny may make you addicted to's toxic.

angel is helps you anything it can do.

angel is knows what u want and need.

angel's words are the candy.they are really sweet.

angel's smile is the may be besotted by that.

angel has a gold and movable home.

it takes u everywhere u wanna go.

angel gives the fresh air.

angel gives the room to grow.

angel gives the shelter.

angel brings the strength.

angel brings the joy.

angel brings the light.

angel brings the best dream.

that's why i call you angel.



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